Corporate Culture

[Vision: to build a world brand in diamond tool industry]

★ direct meaning: Fengcheng technology reaches the world level; Fengcheng brand is in the same trade with the world brand.

★ brief meaning: Fengcheng company aims at international brand, and quickly reaches and overtakes the advanced level of the world.

[mission: to make a grinding wheel for Chinese people]

★ Fengcheng company will become a loyal partner of global customers, become the behavior standard of competitors in the same industry and become the brand image of the public.

[values: Renxin, liqifeng, people become self]

★ Fengfeng adults take the traditional Chinese virtues: "benevolence" and "faith" as the foundation of their business, serve customers with win-win thinking, create value for customers, and make customers gain rich benefits, thus achieving their own achievements.

[corporate philosophy: innovation, excellence and win win sharing]

★ Fengcheng company is committed to constantly creating new technology and service modes and creating products and brands.

★ Fengcheng company is committed to making the society, customers, enterprises and employees develop in a win-win way and share the success of the achievements.

[product concept: more wear-resistant and long-term]

★ Fengcheng products have strong core quality characteristics: wear-resistant. Fengcheng pursues to create wear-resistant products through technological and technological innovation, and has won the favor of customers. To achieve the long-term use of products, long-term cooperation with customers, and long-term business.

[enterprise slogan: it's not diamond that doesn't do porcelain work]

★ Fengcheng company uses the core raw materials of products: diamond and tools close to industry characteristics: diamond as a metaphor, expressing the strong ambition and confidence of the enterprise, and metaphorizing that the enterprise will become a diamond diamond with strength.


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