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Zhenjiang Fengcheng special tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986. There are 128 employees, including 26 professional and technical personnel. The enterprise has 6 million yuan of fixed assets. Main products: diamond round edge wheel and ladder edge wheel for solar glass, automobile glass and home appliance glass industry. Diamond wheel, resin wheel and drilling bit used in construction glass industry. Parallel grooved grinding wheel for ITO conductive film glass industry, and special-shaped grinding wheel for processing all kinds of glass.

In recent years, the company has introduced advanced numerical control hot pressing equipment, mixing equipment, machining equipment, digital display static and dynamic balance equipment and testing equipment at home and abroad, and developed EDM machine tools for forming and repairing diamond products, which has greatly improved labor productivity and product competitiveness.

At present, the company is taking "building a world brand of diamond tool industry" as its vision, taking "making a grinding wheel of its own for Chinese people" as its historical mission, and taking the enterprise concept of innovation, excellence, win-win sharing, more wear-resistant and more long-term. Continuously create brand products.

The company always adheres to the values of "benevolence, trust and success", adheres to standardized and strict scientific management, adheres to the service tenet of win-win thinking, adheres to excellent product quality, and repays the love of new and old customers!


Production Strength

General Manager Speech


When we have achieved fruitful results today, all the staff of Fengcheng company are grateful and wish you and your family all the best!

Corporate Culture

[Vision: to build a world brand in diamond tool industry]

[mission: to make our own grinding wheel for Chinese people]

[values: Ren Xin Li Ji Feng people become themselves]

[corporate philosophy: innovation, excellence and win win sharing]

[product concept: more wear-resistant, more long-term]

[enterprise slogan: it's not diamond that doesn't do porcelain work]


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